Hi! I’m Malik Ahmad. Thanks for stopping by.

I am married to a beautiful woman named Miracle (and yes she is a blessing) , I am a very proud father of seven children (4 girls and 3 boys), two of which are in college.

I served four awesome years in the United States Army, I am a proud Army veteran. I deployed to Bosnia under President Clinton.

When I got my honorable discharge from the Army, I moved to Texas and became a commercial truck driver. I have been driving trucks for 20 years now. While, truck driving pays the bills it requires a lot of your time and absences from your family. It was during this time that I started looking for a way to cut my hours and spend more time with my family.

I started my internet marketing journey over a decade ago! I began selling items on ebay using wholesale items from the Special Merchandise Corporation ( SMC). This was before the advent of paypal, every thing was done by check back then.

Then I got into search engine optimization (seo) in the “to get your ex back” niche. I used to promote a product that still exists today by Travis Sago, ” the magic of making up”. I was able to rank on the 1st page of google 2nd position. That site used to receive close to 10,000 visitors a month. Now, with that said you would think that I helped a lot of people fix their relationships, that I grew a huge list of subscribers, and that I made a boat load of cash!

I worked 12-14 hours a day, 6 days a week. And for all that hard work nothing! I sold very few courses, I didn’t build a huge list of subscribers, and I did not make a lot of money. Why? I bought countless seo courses that only taught how to build and rank websites (which I did get good at). These courses obviously left out other crucial skills that I needed to be successful. For example: My site was designed to please google but not actual people. Non of the content was original, it was old spun articles. I had no solid way to capture leads, I did not know how to write good sales copy or email.

All of these are very necessary and important skills for internet marketers.

Since that time I have spent $10,000’s of dollars on courses and coaching ( I am the poster child for shiny object syndrome) with no real success. Most of the courses are incomplete and leave out so many important details, they are usually rehashed with a new trick/loop hole that has probably expired by the time you brought the course, or you need to buy hundreds of dollars in upsells to make the course work. Most of the coaching programs I have been through have no accountability, no definite structure, and most importantly the coaches don’t promote for you or let you access all their connections.

I do believe the fasts way to success is to find a mentor/coach. Someone who will pull the curtain back for you, someone who genuinely wants you to succeed, someone whose reputation is built on their track record of success for helping people achieve their internet marketing goals, someone who will email their huge email lists and post about your content on their social media!

I am here to help you succeed!

As you can see, I have been there and done that several times over and failure is no longer and option for me! I have been diagnosed as a type-2 diabetic and as of this writing I am off of work ( I failed my Department Of Transportation physical), If I can’t get a handle on this disease I may not be able to work as truck driver ever again!

If you would like to follow a dedicated family man, who’s back is truly against the wall, on his internet marketing to self reliability and join the greatest coaching program that I have ever seen!