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One Of The Many Challenges I Am Facing, While I Am Trying To Build My Business!!

    27 replies to "One Of The Many Challenges I Am Facing, While I Am Trying To Build My Business!!"

    • Terry Till

      You are strong Malik and you will beat these challenges and be successful.

      • Malik Ahmad

        Terry Till thanks my friend. We all have our challenges.

    • Terry Till

      My thoughts are with you Malik my very good friend. Strength to you and your family.

      • Malik Ahmad

        Terry Till thanks my friend. We have been dealing with this on and off for 15 years.

    • Melissa CoolLove

      It’s the resistance, you have to constantly overcome it!

    • Moses Aluoch

      My thoughts are with you Malik

    • David Ledoux

      diamonds are created by pressure aren’t they?

    • Donna Merrill

      I know so well what you are dealing with. I’ve dealt with it from several family members and it causes a huge distraction from running your own business. I’ve been at this for 10 years so I can make a long list of distractions and frustrations. But it seems to me you are very strong and will conquer your business. Wishing you all the best and sending out a virtual hug to you -Donna

      • Malik Ahmad

        Donna Merrill my wife and I thank you. This post is so sweet . It so hard to see someone you love deteriorate so quickly.

    • Frankie Pellegrino

      Wow Malik You did it brother… Congratulations How does it feel to quit your job and be a full time business owner? You set your goal and you did it bro (y)

      • Malik Ahmad

        Frankie Pellegrino man it feels fantastic ! A few trials since I quit but they are minor compared to my freedom! Thanks for asking my friend.

        • Frankie Pellegrino

          Malik Ahmad I am happy for you… You are very lucky to have a wife that has your back like that…Enjoy being an entrepreneur my friend you are officially part of the club (y) I you the best success my friend

      • Malik Ahmad

        Frankie Pellegrino thanks my friend, I appreciate your support!

    • Linda Harris

      This video is powerful. I’ve been there with two family members. Stay strong.

      • Malik Ahmad

        Linda Harris thank you I greatly appreciate it. I have been going through this of and on for 10 plus years. Thanks again for your support.

        • Linda Harris

          Malik Ahmad I honestly feel your pain. It’s a distraction for sure but ask God to help you through it.

    • Tori Goffdan

      stick to your commitments as life challenges will continue until you can’t breathe anymore.

      and i can testify to that one

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