Malik the internet marketing trucker is dedicated to helping ordinary hard working men and women accomplish their goal of making money online. For some of you this maybe your first experience with internet marketing and for others this may be your 10th year in the make money online niche but with very little success. I happen to fall into the latter category. I have been online, on and off for more than 10 years.

Now let me be completely honest with you, I have had some success mostly with Seo. I have ranked some very competitive keywords but I failed to properly monetize those sites. So, the bottom line is no money! I got so carried away with seo/ranking my sites that I lost site of something very important. I was ranked #3 for a very competitive keyword, a keyword in a very lucrative niche, a niche that was getting over 10,000 visitors a month, promoting the number 1 product in that space. The (get your ex back) niche! I know what you are thinking, “how the hell weren’t you making any money with 10,000+ visitors a month!” So, what did I lose site of, “conversions”! At some point, I should have gotten laser focused on why they are not buying. I dare say, I fell victim to the great and powerful EGO!

So, I am throwing my hat back into the ring. That’s right! I want to fight for the championship! While, I love driving my truck, I do yearn for a small taste of freedom. I want to do for my wife and my kids. I have seven kids, two of which are in college and asking for cars. Two more cars on a truck drivers salary seems near impossible. I make a decent living but I don’t want to always pinch pennies, sometimes I want to live outside the budget.

Being in this industry I am on a whole bunch of mailing lists, I belong to a bunch of groups, and I have paid for quite a bit of coaching over the years. So, I have made a few friends over the years. Recently, I had a marketer friend reach out to me with an opportunity that I can’t pass up. It’s called Funnel Five/Build Down Lines Free, this is a free internet marketing funnel. I know, I know, what’s so special about a funnel? They are a dime a dozen, right? But, This funnel is a little different.

This funnel has two 5-Tier affiliate programs (this means you get paid on the people you refer and the people they refer five levels deep)! 1 viral list builder that automatically adds 5 subscribers to your list from everyone of your subscribers. And then 10% of their total life time subscribers. Do you see how fast your list can grow? All the free training you can get your hands on. Three different facebook groups to support you and train you on all things internet marketing. What else could a growing little marketer need? Did you say, “Traffic”? This funnel comes with its own traffic source. Imagine getting between 3,000 to 6,000 leads a month for $30 a month, to send to your Funnel Five Funnel /Build Down Lines Free or any other offer of your choosing! Oh, Oh, Oh, I forgot the best part of this system; all you have to do is give away a free funnel. That is it! Now, who doesn’t like free!!

This blog will document my journey. You will be able to follow a husband, a father to seven children (two of which are in college), and a hardworking truck driver (60-70 hours a week) through his internet marketing trials. I will focus mostly on funnel five/Build Down Lines Free, although from time to time I will promote a few relevant products for you marketers who have that shiny object syndrome.

If you are interested in coaching, why not follow my coach and mentor John Thornhill. His coaching will give you A Simple Formula For Automated Sales And Success!

Watch the Webinar above, take notes, and stick around for the insane coaching offer at the end.

Finally if you are not on my list get on it!

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