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What it takes to be FREE!

    16 replies to "What it takes to be FREE!"

    • Ambroise Tchimanga


    • Malissa Black

      My so happy for you

    • Sheryl Kay

      What Does Your Wife’s Business Sell

      • Malik Ahmad

        Sheryl Kay one is a a discount travel, hotels, insurance and pretty much everything else. And the second has launched quite yet but it’s women’s accessories.

    • Jason Chatman

      With trucking you need balance faith and understanding Malik Ahmad we learned that from the food bank

    • David Dobkins

      Hey Malik, you two are Awesome! Way to be good examples… Keep going and keep Crushing It!

    • Melissa CoolLove

      Free at last, thank god almighty, I am free at last.

    • Samuel Sambaz Odii

      Glory be to God.

    • Terry Till

      I can see you and your wife make a great team. Your dedication to make it work for your WHY will pay off big time.

    • Terry Till

      Agree Malik you have a beautiful wife and a great business partner. Wishing both of you mega success.

      • Malik Ahmad

        Terry Till thank you my friend. She is beautiful and a very supportive business partner!

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